Friday, January 21, 2011

Cincinnati Children's Museum

 My friend Autumn and Corinne's friend Aidric have season passes to the Cincinnati Children's Museum.  I can understand why!  It's just a few minutes away and it's so fun!  We get a little cranky couped up in the house all the time and the day before we went to the museum it was snowy and gross, so we were ready for a day out.  Corinne and Aidric played, played, played!!!  Corinne liked sorting the vegetables to see what holes they fit in. She also liked punching the buttons on the cash register.  Aidric was done shopping before she calculated his total!!  He was just running around like a crazy kid!!  She also really liked the beads on the activity box.  She also liked the xylophone on it, but she was more interested in eating the mallet than playing the xylophone.  After the museum we went to lunch and then the kids napped!  They were tuckered!!  It was another fun day with Autumn and Aidric!  Our playdates are always so much fun!

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