Friday, September 16, 2011

Sunflower Fields

I've really gotten into photography since Cupcake was born and especially since I got a new camera for Christmas last year, so I keep dragging the hubs around town for photoshoots!  He mumbles and complains about having to go, but I think he's pretty happy with the pictures in the end.  We have a local sunflower field that is open to the public and there is a 3-4 week period where the sunflowers are in bloom.  I've seen people post pictures taken there before, but never knew where it was......until now.  Turns out it is very close to home!!  So, off we went......  Here are a few of my favorites.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Football Season is Upon Us!

............and we don't have cable.  So we can't actually watch the game, but I guess that's a good thing since our team isn't very good any way.  Silly me found an app for my phone, though, that allows me to listen to the game, which then allows me to yell at the phone, and ends up ruining the rest of my day because I don't like to lose.  Anywho, I was driving through Indiana on one of the several trips I made over the summer and decided to stop in Lafayette to do some shopping.  You just can't find this stuff around here.  Everything is scarlet and gray (blah!).  I found this cute little number for Cupcake, so she has something to wear on Saturdays.