Tuesday, April 17, 2012

I've Moved!

If you want to keep up with me and my projects you'll have to come over to my new home at www.whatdoesshedoallday.com.  I hope to see you there!

Monday, April 16, 2012

Bathroom Redo Part 7 (The Almost Finished Product)

 So you remember this mess, right?  Well, it looks like that no more!!  It took several weeks of patching, sanding, patching, sanding, priming, painting, gluing, hanging, plumbing, and scrubbing, but it's done!  Mostly.

I was young and excited to paint my first home when I painted this room Dare Devil Red by Behr.  See, I was so excited about this color that I remember what it was even though I painted it over 7 years ago!  It wasn't until a little over 2 years ago that I installed the tile floor painted the vanity black.  Other than that I made no changes.  Changes really needed to happen in here!  I hated the light fixture. I hated the medicine cabinet in the wall. I hated the mirror. I hated the faucet. And I was so tired of the color.

Now check out this beauty!!  The color is Carolina Inn Lobby Yellow by Valspar.  I originally wanted something a little more mustardy, and had picked out Carolina Inn Crossroads Gold, but hubby thought it'd be too dark.  And we'd had about enough of dark with the red!  I like it, though.  It looks different throughout the day depending on how much light is coming in through the skylight.

So here's the rundown.  New light fixture!!  No more 1980's runway lights!  It's from Lowe's.  I liked the clean lines and I really liked the price.  So much so that I bought two!  If you look closely at this picture you'll see the same fixture hanging over the vanity.  Don't look too closely because all the tools that were moved out of the bathroom were put on the vanity.  :)

I gave the builder's grade mirror a facelift.  The sink got an update with a new faucet.  I added a rail from IKEA to hold toothpaste, qtips, cotton balls and the like in cute little buckets.  (I thought this was going to be so convienient for me!  Little did I know that the toddler would think to climb up on the toilet to grab qtips and throw them all over bathroom!)  I still want to find a wall cabinet to hang above that rail to store a few of the things that had been living in the old, ugly medicine cabinet.  I'm on the hunt for the perfect one!

The shower curtain was a find at Marshall's.  It was actually the first time I went to Marshall's when I found this shower curtain.  It was what kicked off the "I want to paint the bedroom and bathroom" excitement.  I need a new shower curtain rod.  Or the old one needs touched up.  The curtain hooks have been hiding under the sink in the hall bath for several years.  Hubby didn't like them (he uses the hall bath since the master is so small) because they didn't move smoothly on his curtain rod.  When we replaced them I just put these ones in a bag and hid them under the sink.  Good thing, too!

I added some towel hooks, changed the toilet paper holder, and added a new switch plate.  The hooks and t.p. holder are from IKEA.  I think I'd like to find a piece of art to hang next to the towel hooks.

And one last view.  The new hand towel holder living where the old medicine cabinet was.  And I changed out the old beige outlet with a fresh new white one.

I'm happy!  I would love to retile the shower, but that's a big project that this pregnant momma just can't undertake!  One day...........

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Friday, April 13, 2012

Bathroom Redo Part 6 (I am not a plumber)

I hate plumbing.  But I hate this faucet even more.  It's very outdated.  And it's hard to turn on without it coming on with the strength of Niagra Falls.  Time for a new faucet!!

I found this beauty at Lowe's.  It's much prettier than the old one!  And it's brushed nickel so it matches the drawer pulls and new wall fixtures.  And it has a new drain stop that will hopefully work better than the old one.

 So, removing that old sucker was not fun.  This was the view that I spent a lot of time looking at.  Those bolts were on tight and there wasn't a lot of room to work with.  I kept running into pipes, and drawers, and the sink bowl while trying to get those suckers off!  And did I mention I had to lay on my back inside the sink and reach up there with my short arms?  Short arms that had gotten a pretty good workout at Stroller Strength that morning?  Have I mentioned that I hate plumbing?

 One of these things is not like the other............  And this is the part where I realized that I would need some tubing to attach the water lines.  The old stuff wasn't going to cut it.  This was also the part where I realized that my arms were not long enough or strong enough to remove the old drain myself.  Boo for delays!  I hate to wait for the hubs to get home so I could make a hardware store run and so he could hold one wrench while I held the other.  And someone would have to do the turning.

A trip to the hardware store, some water supply connectors purchased and the help of the hubs to remove the old drain and back to work I went.  Back under the sink!  I probably got under the sink about 20 times during the process, which means I had to get back out from under the sink about 20 times.  It's a good thing I don't have a big baby belly to make it more difficult.  I do however lack the stomach muscles that would've been very helpful in that situation.  This is the last plumbing job I'm doing during pregnancy!!

But look at this beauty!  So much prettier than the old faucet.  And it works better.  And the drain hasn't fallen off, yet.  I am in teeth brushing, hand washing, and face rinsing heaven with this thing!

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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Bathroom Redo Part 5 (Finishing the frame)

It's time for the tape to come down!  Hurray!  No pieces fell off!  Looks pretty good, right?  Much better than that plain old mirror!  It's still not done, though.  While it looks great from afar it needs a little touch up work.  It's time to clean up the seams. 

 See, when you look closely it's just not that pretty!

Get our your caulk.  It doesn't matter what color it is, just make sure it's paintable!  Spread some down the seams.

 And using that handy tool that is already attached to your hand, squish it in there and wipe away the excess.

Yeah, it's that simple.  And then wait some more.  Once it's dried we'll clean it up with a little bit of sandpaper and touch it up with some paint.

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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Bathroom Redo Part 4 (Hanging the Frame)

 The paint is dry! It's time to make this mirror beautiful!!  So here is where the Liquid Nails comes in handy!  Since I couldn't use it on the back of the mirror I figured I'd use it on the front.  No way was I going to attempt to use the Sikabond on that.  Besides it not having a nozzle it was hard to control.  So, I started with the bottom piece.  You want to put a good amount of adhesive on your trim piece, but don't get too close to the corners or the edges (particularly the inner edge).

Slap that baby up on the mirror!  OK, don't just slap it up there.  Line it up and press it on firmly.  If your piece isn't resting on the lip of the backsplash now would be a good time to get out your level and make sure that piece is on straight.  Tape it in place and repeat.  When hanging the side pieces you want to make sure you line it up with the edge of your mirror and again, get out the level and make sure it is straight.

I then hung the other side piece and then the top, taping after each piece went up.  You'll notice on the bottom right I used the tension rod again.  Once I got the piece on I realized it wasn't completely flat. So I used the rod to push it into place.  Worked like a charm (but next time I'll make sure my piece is flat first!!)

This stuff says it takes 72 hours to cure, so again we wait!

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Monday, April 9, 2012


If anyone out there is reading this can you leave me a comment on this post?  I've been told comments aren't working and I want to test it out.  Thanks!

Bathroom Redo Part 3 (Framing the mirror)

This is the part of the bathroom redo I've been the MOST excited about.  It's time to frame the mirror!!!  I didn't want a large frame.  I knew the bathroom couldn't handle it.  I settled on this small trim (which I later realized matches the door frames throughout the house!) which came in a shorter length than a lot of the other trims offered at Lowe's.  That worked well for me since I had a toddler in my cart and it was hard enough maneuvering around the store with these lengths.  I wouldn't have wanted to attempt it with longer cuts.  So out in the garage I gathered my supplies.  Trim, miter box and saw, measuring tape, pencil, notepad with measurements and baby monitor.  Yep, that last one is definitely a necessity when you're working during a nap time.

Measure twice cut once.  I mitered one edge of the trim and them measured and marked where my next cut should go.  Can you see that little red line on the left upper notch?  That's my cut line.  I secured my wood in place, grabbed a hold of my saw and my box and got working!

Don't forget to visualize what direction the cut needs to go before you start sawing!  This is the bottom piece of the mirror that I am cutting and the piece on the right is what I am using.  The thicker part of my trim is at the bottom.

Repeat this step several more times.  I had 4 pieces to cut and two mitered ends to cut on each piece.  8 cuts with a hand saw is hard work.  My poor little hand was stiff afterward!!  I really wanted to get this project done before nap time was over and while hubby was at work since I was in his parking space in the garage, so I pushed on.  All 4 pieces were cut!

I laid them out on the floor to admire my work!  And I took a picture to commemorate it!

And then I took a picture to show how awesome I am at determining how much materials were needed.  This is all the scraps I had left.  I'm pretty impressed with myself.  (I really lucked out that the precut sizes were long enough to cut two pieces from, but short enough that I wouldn't have much left over)

We're ready to paint!  Dig out that box of thumb tacks that you're not sure why you've been keeping and put them to work.  It's much easier to paint the sides of your trim pieces when they are elevated and not touching the work surface.  Space a few thumb tacks out along the back of your trim, flip your piece over and there will be plenty of space between your edges and your work surface.  (and then brag to the hubby that you knew the tacks would come in handy one day)

I painted the trim black.  I used the same black paint that I used to paint my vanity (seen here).  It is Glidden Onyx Black.  I only have a quart of it, but it was a free quart!  Twice now Glidden has given away free quarts of paint and this is the first one I received.  It has come in handy!  (I also used it to paint my desk.)

Remember how I was so concerned with getting my work done before hubby came home?  Yeah, the paint wasn't dry, yet, when he got home, so he still had to park in the driveway.  And then the next day I did this.  I flipped them over and painted the top inside of each piece.  This is a MUST.  The reflection of the backside will show once you hang your pieces.  That is why you want to paint them.  So let these dry again and you'll be ready to hang them!!!

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