Friday, April 13, 2012

Bathroom Redo Part 6 (I am not a plumber)

I hate plumbing.  But I hate this faucet even more.  It's very outdated.  And it's hard to turn on without it coming on with the strength of Niagra Falls.  Time for a new faucet!!

I found this beauty at Lowe's.  It's much prettier than the old one!  And it's brushed nickel so it matches the drawer pulls and new wall fixtures.  And it has a new drain stop that will hopefully work better than the old one.

 So, removing that old sucker was not fun.  This was the view that I spent a lot of time looking at.  Those bolts were on tight and there wasn't a lot of room to work with.  I kept running into pipes, and drawers, and the sink bowl while trying to get those suckers off!  And did I mention I had to lay on my back inside the sink and reach up there with my short arms?  Short arms that had gotten a pretty good workout at Stroller Strength that morning?  Have I mentioned that I hate plumbing?

 One of these things is not like the other............  And this is the part where I realized that I would need some tubing to attach the water lines.  The old stuff wasn't going to cut it.  This was also the part where I realized that my arms were not long enough or strong enough to remove the old drain myself.  Boo for delays!  I hate to wait for the hubs to get home so I could make a hardware store run and so he could hold one wrench while I held the other.  And someone would have to do the turning.

A trip to the hardware store, some water supply connectors purchased and the help of the hubs to remove the old drain and back to work I went.  Back under the sink!  I probably got under the sink about 20 times during the process, which means I had to get back out from under the sink about 20 times.  It's a good thing I don't have a big baby belly to make it more difficult.  I do however lack the stomach muscles that would've been very helpful in that situation.  This is the last plumbing job I'm doing during pregnancy!!

But look at this beauty!  So much prettier than the old faucet.  And it works better.  And the drain hasn't fallen off, yet.  I am in teeth brushing, hand washing, and face rinsing heaven with this thing!

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