Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Bathroom Redo Part 4 (Hanging the Frame)

 The paint is dry! It's time to make this mirror beautiful!!  So here is where the Liquid Nails comes in handy!  Since I couldn't use it on the back of the mirror I figured I'd use it on the front.  No way was I going to attempt to use the Sikabond on that.  Besides it not having a nozzle it was hard to control.  So, I started with the bottom piece.  You want to put a good amount of adhesive on your trim piece, but don't get too close to the corners or the edges (particularly the inner edge).

Slap that baby up on the mirror!  OK, don't just slap it up there.  Line it up and press it on firmly.  If your piece isn't resting on the lip of the backsplash now would be a good time to get out your level and make sure that piece is on straight.  Tape it in place and repeat.  When hanging the side pieces you want to make sure you line it up with the edge of your mirror and again, get out the level and make sure it is straight.

I then hung the other side piece and then the top, taping after each piece went up.  You'll notice on the bottom right I used the tension rod again.  Once I got the piece on I realized it wasn't completely flat. So I used the rod to push it into place.  Worked like a charm (but next time I'll make sure my piece is flat first!!)

This stuff says it takes 72 hours to cure, so again we wait!

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  1. The waiting game! I hope it was worth the wait because the frame around that thing is absolutely gorgeous

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