Monday, April 2, 2012

DIY Dilemma!

 I wanted to touch up some paint yesterday or maybe paint the trim in the guest room walk-in closet when I came to the horrible realization......"I only have one paint brush and it is covered in paint!"  I have about 10 paint rollers, yet only one brush? How the heck did that happen?  I scoured the basement looking for one and all I could find were my foam craft brushes and a 4" wide brush.  Not cool!

Luckily going to the hardware store was on my agenda today.  I needed to return a switch plate and outlet plate as well as pick up some play sand and flowers for my big pot on the porch.  I also added two paintbrushes to that list!  And now I want to share with you my favorite paint brush!  I know there are all sorts of fancy paintbrushes out there and some really expensive ones with magic bristles, but this is my FAVORITE brush.  It's all I ever buy.  The reason?  The handle!!!

I love the short handle.  It makes it very easy to hold.  It's especially handy when you have to get into a tight spot.  But the best part of all is that it is flexible!!!  You see that?  Do you see me bending the handle?  I really feel like I can better control my paint application with this brush because I can move my hand to a comfortable position by bending the handle.  I also love that it's an angled brush.  It doesn't matter what I am painting.  I always prefer an angled brush.

If you aren't bored and are still reading this and maybe you're even interested in trying this brush out for yourself I typically find it at Lowe's.  I might have picked it up at Home Depot before, too, but I can't recall of the top of my head.  It's well worth the $6.  And bonus points because it is make in Ohio!!

Pin Itp.s.  Don't you just love the feel of brand new paintbrush bristles?  No?  I am the only weird one?

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