Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Bathroom Redo Part 1 (Before-ish)

 It started like this.  Actually it started a little worse than this!  As you can see I didn't snap these photos until I had already started my bathroom redo.  And this is after a bit of an upgrade that I did when I was pregnant with Cupcake.  I tiled the floor and painted the vanity then.  The previous floor was sheet laminate.  I tore that out and laid this gorgeous tile!  And the vanity was oak with brass handles.  So I painted it black and added some sleek brushed nickel ones.  And then I continued to live with it in all it's red with the ugliest brass you're a supermodel light fixture glory.  I had a newborn to take care of! And then an infant! And then a toddler!  Except now that toddler takes one long nap a day and goes to bed early which allows for a little toddler free redo time.

So I started out by ripping out the shelf that had been installed just above the toilet tank, the ceramic towel bar above that, the ceramic toilet paper holder that resided across the way from the toilet and the recessed medicine cabinet next to the sink.  What I was left with was a lot of holes.  Oh and did I mention taking out the light fixture and finding another big hole that would not be covered by my new light fixture?  (BTW, I replaced the same ugly light fixture above the vanity that is in my bedroom and the hole under that one was even WORSE!)

So my father-in-law recommended joint compound over spackle for all the patch work.  He said it wasn't as thick, therefore making it a little easier to smooth out.  Plus I had to do a drywall patch where the medicine cabinet was so joint compound would be required to cover the tape.  So I bought a big ol' bucket of it!  Luckily I already that the drywall on hand (the previous owners had some left over from when they finished the basement) and the drywall tape and drywall screws (I used it when I laid new cement board under the tile floor).  I ended up buying 2 drywall patches for the light fixture mess.

And how do you like that broken corner, builder's grade mirror?  LOL  I broke the corner of that mirror when we first bought this house (7 years ago - yay! my bad luck is over!), but never found a mirror I liked to replace it.  Don't's not coming back!

So there you have the "before-ish" shots.  Coming up next are some "during" shots and maybe (if I ever finally finish it) you'll get the "after" shots.  So stay tuned!

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