Thursday, December 8, 2011

First Snow

We've already had a little snow touch down this winter and I couldn't resist bundling Cupcake up to play!

Yeah, I was that mom that dragged my child out into the not even half an inch of snow as soon as she was done eating breakfast so I could take pictures of her in the first snow of the year.  All her friends are jealous.  :)

At first we had the "mom, my hat is too big" drama.  Then it was the "I fell down" drama.  Then we moved on to the "I have this fun new mittens" excitement, followed by the "I'm over this" expression.

It's a good thing we went out when we did.  As we played the sun was making it's way up.  It wasn't long before there was no snow left.  I think all those slacker moms missed out on a great opportunity here!  They were all bundled up, slowly enjoying their breakfast and now they have no snow pictures to show for it!

It hasn't really snowed since.

I guess I can't gloat too much as I know that here in a month or so we'll see snow for more than just an hour.  We'll probably be living with it for days or even weeks.  Ask me if I'm still excited about it then.

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