Sunday, October 10, 2010


Because we went on vacation for 6 days I bought a pack of disposable diapers for the trip.  It was a good thing I wasn't planning on using cloth while we were gone because the night before we left our washing machine overheated while the dirty diapers were in there!  But who has time to do laundry in a hotel while on vacation?  Not I!  Although now I kind of wish I did.  We had a few diaper issues while we were gone!  Maybe I'm just disposable diaper dumb, but I don't have leaks like that in cloth.  And I used two different brands, so I don't think I can blame a certain diaper!  Maybe I need to figure out how to travel with cloth for future trips.  I really hate using the only complaint about using cloth is portability.  I want them to be easier to travel with for more than just a weekend trip.  They're better for her, they're better for the environment and of course her fluffy butt looks so cute in them!!!

If you want to try cloth diapers check out Kelly's Closet.  It's my favorite diaper store.  And if you follow this link to shop I can earn a little money to put toward my cloth diaper stash!!

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