Thursday, April 28, 2011

Easter Baby

 Corinne celebrated her first Easter last weekend!  She had a great big basket waiting for her on Easter morning full of goodies!  Her favorite were the puffs.  I think puffs are like catnip for babies.  She can't get enough!  She also loved the Weebles and her new books.  The Easter Bunny left some eggs out for her to find.  She found one and was so interested in it that the rest were unimportant.  We headed to church where she wiggled, wiggled, wiggled and got a bit cranky as it was cutting into nap time.  After her nap (and mommy and daddy's big breakfast) we played with her new toys, she had a snack of puffs, and read some books with daddy.

We made a ham and Corinne gobbled it right up.  Well, not the whole thing, but she ate her fair share. It was a low key day, but I think it was perfect!

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