Monday, May 2, 2011

Almost a Year!

I can't believe in less than 2 weeks we'll be celebrating Cupcake's first birthday!  I've learned so much and so has she!  And I can't believe how big she is (and she's a tiny thing)!  We struggled with breastfeeding when Corinne was first born.  She wouldn't latch.  She never did before we left the hospital and it was a million times worse trying to get her to once my milk came in.  It took 8 weeks on shields to teach her how to latch.  If you would've asked me back then if she would be exclusively breastfed at 1 year I would have likely thought no.  And here I am pumping as I type (daddy put her to bed tonight).
Even before I was pregnant I had decided I was going to cloth diaper.  Lots of experienced moms laughed at me.  They told me I was crazy and that it was too much work.  They asked why I would go through the trouble.  They had never cloth diapered their kids so I'm not entirely sure where they got their information, but again, here we are almost a year later still loving the fluffy butt!  (Girl needs help keeping her pants up anyway!)
I didn't think she'd be a mover.  She couldn't move for 12 weeks since she was in the harness.  I thought she'd be behind in rolling, crawling and walking, but turns out she hit all those milestones ahead of the curve.
And who would've thunk she'd be allergic to bananas!  '
She is amazing!  And I love being her mom.  Sometimes she drives me bonkers, but I wouldn't trade a minute of our time together.

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