Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Crazy House

Things are getting crazy around here.   We definitely have a toddler in the house.  She feels the need to climb everything.  Her favorite thing to climb is the fireplace hearth.  Her next favorite thing to climb is the stairs (hello, new gate!).  And then she likes to climb her toys.  Here she is climbing out of her SuperSeat.  She likes to stand on the tray (and it's starting to show wear) and climb into and stand in the middle.  She is also a big fan of standing backward on her Infant to Toddler Rocker.  She has taken a spill or two over the side, but that doesn't stop her.

She's also a big fan of throwing food, not so much eating it.  Oscar is in heaven!  Momma is in sticky floor Hades.  I don't deal with mess very well.  My OCD does not like it.  It's very hard to watch her throw her food on my freshly mopped floor.  It's also very hard to let her throw toys all over the living room.  Don't even get me started on stains on clothes!!
Did I mention the front room has become a storage barn for such things as a baby pool?  Yeah, I don't want to have to deflate and inflate this thing every time we want to swim.  It's bad enough I have to empty and refill it.  So it lives in the front room for now.

And it was a bittersweet moment last night as I sterilized breastpump parts and bottles to pack them up.  She is still nursing twice a day, but I no longer need to pump.  I still have 30 or so oz of milk in the freezer and I'd like the counter space back in the kitchen.  So the drying rack, pump and bottles are headed to the basement!  I threw a few pacis in there, too, since they needed cleaned, though she won't be weaned off those any time soon.  Girl loves her paci!

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