Tuesday, August 16, 2011

15 months!

Yesterday Cupcake hit the 15 month mark!!  She seems like such a big girl now!  She had her doctor's appointment today and the girl is staying right on her curve.  She's 21 lbs., 4 oz. and 31 inches tall.  She's tiny enough to still fit in her infant carseat!  She's cruising in her convertible carseat, though.  She more comfortable sitting more upright (but still rearfacing).  And mom and dad like the convertible seat better since it allows for the passenger seat to be a little further back.  I forget her head measurement (I have it written down), but basically her head is huge!  

Her pediatrician is pleased with her development.  She has 12 words, 6 signs, she's running, climbing, & throwing, she can stack 3 blocks, she tries to eat off a spoon or fork, tries to brush her hair and basically is the smartest toddler ever!  She's also smart enough to know that veggies don't taste nearly as good as crackers, so it's a constant battle to get some nutritious food in her.  She wants to eat fruit, bread and crackers ALL THE TIME!  The only vegetable we can get her to eat is sweet potatoes.  It's frustrating!

We did get a little bit of not so good news.  She has a heart murmur.  We don't know why, yet, but her pediatrician made it seem like it wasn't that big of a deal.  (Although mom reserves the right to freak out any way.)  She sees the cardiologist on Friday.  We should have more info next week.  Is it Friday, yet?

In other (big girl) news I think she is done breastfeeding.  She nursed yesterday morning for quite possibly the last time.  I didn't intend to wean her, yet.  I was hoping to make it to 18 months, but she and I are going to be apart for 12 days, so it had to be done.  She seemed to handle it well.  It was bittersweet nursing her yesterday.  I'm ready to be done, but I'm going to miss it.  It was our snuggle time.  She doesn't seem like a baby any more.  And we're starting elimination communication.  So we're not potty training, but I'm trying to teach her that she has control over going to the bathroom and I'm trying to understand when she needs to go.  So far the only real progress we've made is that if you ask her if she needs to go pee pee she'll go in the bathroom and point at her potty.  Sometimes she will not sit on her potty and she has never actually peed in her potty.  We'll get there.

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