Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Stir Crazy

 Ah, winter. The time in which you see all 4 seasons in a days time. You're afraid to leave the house for fear of a sudden blizzard. The kids go stir crazy.  It's happening here.  So, we try to get out of the house on occasion.  The other day it was 60-ish degrees so we took a walk to the park.  We go to tumbling class once a week. We go to story time at the library. We even went for a hike one morning.

At home we throw all the cushions of the couch and use it as a trampoline. We hide under tables. We play peekaboo in the corner cabinet.  We color. We read. We put stickers all over everything.  And to kill two birds with one stone Cupcake chases Oscar around the house with her cart and then everyone is tuckered out.

I'm ready for warm weather and days at the park.

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