Monday, February 13, 2012

Super Secret Valentine's Project

 Cupcake likes to send Valentines to her grandparents and godparents, so we came up with a super secret project for them!  But the secret is out, so now we're sharing with you.  I saw this great idea on Prudent Baby for making a heart stamp out of a toilet paper roll.  Corinne was in need of a bath so I figured it would be a good time to let her play with some red paint!  She sure did have fun stamping (and swirling) her heart stamp on the paper!  So much so that momma had to help so at least one of the hearts actually looked like a heart!  After her cards were done I did let her go to town on a piece of paper and she had a blast making a huge red blob!  We wrote a sweet message in each card, tucked in a picture and sent them off to her favorite people (excluding her awesome parents).  And just like her momma, Cupcake's got the crafty gene in her.  Now she wants to paint all the time!!

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