Wednesday, August 18, 2010

A Picnic in the Park

Today Corinne and I went down to Newport, KY to spend the day with Autumn and Aidric.  We put the kids in their strollers, crossed the purple people bridge  over to Cincinnati and found a nice shady spot for our picnic lunch.  Aidric fell asleep in his stroller on the way, but Corinne was wide awake and ready to play!  She kicked and cooed while Autumn and I had a delish lunch of chicken and grape salad on pita, fresh berries, and a rice krispy treat for dessert!  Corinne sprawled out on the blanket and played with her toys.  

Right about the time Aidric woke up from his nap, Corinne grabbed a handful of grass and fell asleep! Aidric had a blast playing with Corinne's toys, but he really wanted to play with her! Since she was sleeping he decided to play with leaves instead.  And by play with leaves I mean try to eat leaves.  

The weather was amazing with a nice breeze off the river so we just hung out and chatted while Aidric played an Corinne napped.  It was great to catch up with Autumn since we don't get to see each other very often.

Before we left the park we had to check out the play area.  It was a really nice play area, located under the overpass.  At first that seemed weird, but the nice thing about it is that it's always in the shade!  Aidric liked the slide, but not the swing.  Corinne is too young for the slide, but she liked the swing! 

It was a great day!  Hopefully we can have another playdate soon!!!

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