Monday, August 16, 2010

She's 3 Months Old

OK. I'm a little late in the game with a family blog.  I had every intention of starting one when Corinne was born, but I couldn't decide on a name for it, I didn't know how often I'd be able to write, and I wasn't so sure anyone would read it!  But this morning I decided to just go for it.  Especially while I'm hanging out upstairs in the computer room waiting for Corinne to go down for a nap.  Yep, she's 3 months old and has decided she doesn't like naps any more.  Unfortunately for her I like her taking naps (and she needs them) so she's getting one!!

This morning has gone pretty smoothly thus far.  We slept in (because she didn't nap yesterday) and I managed to scarf down some breakfast before she woke up.  Luckily she woke up in a great mood and has let me get some stuff done around the house like wash diapers and put them out to dry.  Now, I don't have a clothesline in my yard, so I had to get a little creative with sunning diapers.  Here is my solution.

Yes, the patio furniture does a great job!  Whatever works, right?

I also decided it was a good time to try simultaneously walking the dog with the stroller without the husband.  It didn't go too bad.  Usually one of us holds the leash and the other pushes the stroller.  This is handy for when Oscar decides to fall back and sniff.  So I'm pushing the stroller with the leash in one hand.  Oscar falls back to sniff, the leash tightens up, smacks the top of my hand and now I have a dent and a bruise on my hand.  Fun times.  After that though I was a little better at anticipating when we were about to hit the leash's maximum range.  Will I do it again tomorrow?  Probably.  Momma needs fresh air and the puppy needs exercise.

Woo hoo!!  Nap accomplished.


  1. yay! another may mom blog! congratulations on starting a blog. i added you in my link list... i will definitely come back and read often. cheers!

  2. I'm a WTE may mommy. Love your blog! And your posts on the WTE board!