Friday, December 17, 2010

Snow Day!!

But I wanted to go see Santa!  We got some overnight snow yesterday and it just kept coming down, so Corinne and I had a snow day.  We were supposed to go see Santa at the 2nd Street Market, but decided even though I am a good snow driver and I have a 4WD SUV we should just stay in.  At first Corinne seemed disappointed, but when I told her she could stay in her pajamas all day she perked up.  So what do two girls do on their pajama snow day?  We play!!  We played with toys on the floor in the living room, Corinne chased the dog, momma got some naptime sewing in and we did some snuggling, too.  It was a fun day, but today we are looking forward to going to see Santa!!!!

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