Monday, March 26, 2012

Nap Time Craft Time: Chick-sicles

 I'm going to attempt to be more regular with my posting.  One of the regulars I'd like to stick with is Nap Time Craft Time.  I'll share what I worked on during Cupcake's nap time!  So here is my first Nap Time Craft Time post!

My friend Stephanie over at Creations A La Mode showed me the cute Chick-sicle pattern she had found and I knew I had to make some, too!!  She found the pattern over at Just Another Hang Up.  I was super bummed when I realized I didn't have any flannel to make this cute little guys.  That gave me an excuse to go to the fabric store!!  I kind of needed to go anyway to get cookie cutter's for Cupcake's birthday party (coming up in less than 2 months!!!  Eek!!)

You could totally make these cute guys with just some scrap fabric, but fat quarters were on sale, so I had to buy a few for my project.  :)  I can't resist!  I also picked up some orange flannel to use for the beak and coordinating flannel for the backs (turquoise on the green guy, purple for the blue guy).  I hadn't looked at the pattern for probably a week before I made my way to the store, so I couldn't remember how many different fabrics I needed or that I needed ric rac.  I actually bought 3 coordinating fabrics for each, but I can just use those in different combinations.  And I didn't buy any ric rac, so I had to use the leftover blue ric rac from Cupcake's Halloween costume.  Luckily it coordinated (better with the blue guy than the green guy, but anywho......).  And I happened to have some white nylon cord on hand.

So here was the super fun part of this project.  Decorative stitches!!!  I have a Brother cs600i machine that I purchased in the fall after running my cheapy, starter Singer into the ground.  I've not gotten too adventurous with this machine yet, so this was a fun project to start!  I tried out the blanket stitch and a loopy stitch.  Of course I had to practice on scraps first and then I lined it up wrong the first time I tried it on my project!  No biggie that's what seam rippers are for! And I did make one more mistake along the way (and I strangely do this so often it's embarrassing!).  When I stitched the nylon cord on I put it up instead of down, so when I turned my project right side out it was facing the wrong way.  Again, that's what seam rippers are for!!  I was such a quick and fun project!  I thought about making a third one, but I figured Cupcake would wake soon and I was fresh out of safety eyes (I had these on hand so I used them instead of buttons).

Are these cute?!?!  Cupcake has never had a boo boo buddy before so I'm excited for her to have a Chick-sicle the next time she gets hurt (which I'm sure is going to be any second now.........girl is as graceful as her momma!).

So there you have it!  My Nap Time Craft Time project for the week!  I hope you like it!!

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