Saturday, March 24, 2012

Ninja Toddler

Today was a big day!  It's big girl bed day!  Ninja toddler has figured out how to escape the crib.  On Tuesday I heard her jibber jabbering on the monitor so I went up to her room to discover she had gotten out and emptied two drawers of clothes all over the floor.  Uh oh!  I didn't want to make any rash decisions as several other mommies had said after the first escape their little one never attempted to get out again.  Cupcake went to bed just fine that night and naptime and nighttime weren't a problem on Wednesday or Thursday either. (I surrounded the bed with pillows on the outside just in case she decided to try again)  I thought maybe, just maybe she'd be OK!  Well, Friday she escaped again and didn't get a nap.  (Well, unless you count the one in the car on the way to our afternoon playdate.)  Friday night within a half an hour of putting her to bed she was standing at the door yelling.  This morning she was at the door waiting for me to come and get her.

The decision was made.  Big girl bed it is!  Luckily her crib converts to a toddler bed, so it was just a matter of removing a few screws, dowels, and putting the new piece on. She seemed excited to go to bed.  She asked for night night.  I got her bubba (pacifier) down from the shelf, gave her blankie, turned on her seahorse and tucked her in.  I listened in on the monitor for a bit and it was quiet.  So I jumped in the shower.  When I got out I heard "thunk, thunk, thunk."  I knew exactly what she was doing.  Girl loves to rock the glider until it hits the wall.  I poked my head in and sure enough there she was.  And there were clothes and toys scattered all over the floor. 

 Back in the bed!  Attempt #2.  Same routine.  Bubba, blankie, seahorse, tucked in.  It was quiet for a bit and then "bang, bang, bang, clunk, clunk, clunk"  She was playing with her pound and roll tower and boy is that loud on the monitor.  I gave her a few more minutes, but she was still up.  I went back in and found her playing with the clothes. The pound and roll tower was in her bed.

I put her in yet again.  This time I sat with her for a few minutes, told her that it was time for night night and gave her some extra kisses.  I decided to close her blinds (I normally don't bother with it at nap time and it hasn't been an issue.)  I told her one last time night night and walked out.  I listened for 20 minutes and didn't hear a peep on the monitor.  I had to go back in and sneak a peek.  And I found a precious sleeping toddler. 

Phew!  I was nervous!  I was afraid we'd have a lot of napless days ahead of us, but maybe it won't be so bad!  She's always been a pretty good sleeper (takes after her daddy!) so I was really nervous to mess it up.  I think I'll call it a success!  Now let's just hope night time goes well............

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  1. I can not believe they are already this old! Glad it went so well for you guys.